Top 3 business Consultancies in Dubai

Business Consultancies have many functions. Business Set up, Opening Bank Accounts, Performing Audit, Extra services like virtual offices and flexi desk solutions and some even provide fiduciary services. When business set up is considered it is very important that you choose the right agency. To avoid risks of confidentiality leaks, frauds and moreover to save yourself from the never ending loop of set up procedures, you need to proceed with an agency that is licensed for all the activities that it promises to deliver. Also, you can check their associates and official partners for authenticity. Out of the many business consultancies in Dubai, we have shortlisted three based on the client reviews.

Firstly, there is EBMCcompany with 700 great reviews.  It is well established company with over 10 years of experience in this field. Almost as old as several offshore/ free zone authorities within the country. It has the largest client base having served more than 6000 happy customers. They are highly recommended for offshore setups and free trade zones. It has helped business to take off in almost, all the free trade zones across UAE. EBMC has the largest team of consultants, both their team and client base is on a constant hike.

And then there is Garant Business Consultancy with 680 reviews and 450 recommendations.  This consultancy has been around only for 3 years, but it is quickly gaining its reputation and pacing ahead, leaving behind many other older consultancies. Garant is known for their flexible business solutions and transparent pricing. They maintain fixed rates for their service and it is independent of your bank balance or how wealthy you pose to be.

Most of their customers are shift outs of other agencies who failed to complete processes on time and they are pretty please with Garant’s  timely and systematic approach. They have the most reliable and hospitable consultants in the industry. It is also a one stop destination as it has audit, translation, flexi desk, virtual office and even fiduciary services, even digital marketing, website development. Everything your business need’s under one roof.

Next would be Alliance Company with 450 great reviews. It has been around for some time and is reviewed well by the customers it served. Free trade zone set up, finding a local partner for your business, Visa solutions, these are only some of the many services that they have to offer. They also have some awards and other prestigious acquisitions. Furthermore, they have fully fledged future expansion plans, which they proceed with the sole motive of adding more value to their services and delivering them with excellence.

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