Amazing Places in Makassar: What Your Night Would be like at the City

Amazing Places in Makassar are sure to make your vacation there full of excitement and unforgettable moments. Knowing that there are places to entertain you during the course of your stay in Makassar is somewhat important given the fact that the city is actually not primed to become one of Indonesia’s top travel destinations. As the city is less traveled by tourists, documentation of its tourism potentials is minimal to say the least. A simple lookup on the internet is not guaranteed to give you all the necessary information regarding the city aside from perhaps its past history. Makassar is known for being more of a trading hub since centuries before, with it playing an important role to link Indonesia’s western region with its eastern one.

As such, it works more as an industrial place rather than a tourist magnet. However, one cannot set aside the fact that Makassar’s natural landscape is beautiful that it would be a shame to know that it is less developed in its tourism sector. The places of interest in the city are less exposed and they need some help to get into the same level as enjoyed by other places in Indonesia. Planning to visit the city, you might have enough preparations beforehand, including trying to find out the places to go to during your stay from travel websites. However, Amazing Places in Makassar nightlife is probably the one thing that you lack. This is bound to happen anyway; regular spots of interest to visit on daytime are less documented let alone things to do in the nighttime. And as a traveler, you probably do not want to simply put an end to your day after exploring Makassar during the broad daylight, do you?

Amazing Places in Makassar south Sulawesi to spend the rest of your day in the night are quite sufficient to keep you entertained. They are not different from what you could find in, say, Bali or Jakarta. Nightlife in Makassar is dominated by a visit to bars and cafés or perhaps karaoke centers. Consequently, you are bound to spend your night partying hard with fellow tourists and locals. Just remember to spend the night wisely ultimately if the day after you are going to do some trip somewhere else.

  1. The Level Nightclub, Bar, and Karaoke

The Level is perhaps the most popular nightlife entertainment center in Makassar. The building comprises of a karaoke lounge, a restaurant, a bar, a coffee shop, and a nightclub. It is located in Losari Beach area; itself is a popular tourist spot.

  1. Barcode Bar and Kitchen

Barcode is a currently most-hyped beer house in Makassar. As the space is fitted with mostly sofas and couches, it would be best if you come here with your friends as it is cozy enough to hang out at.

  1. Malibu Café and KTV

Those who are looking forward to a steamy night may head on to Jalan Nusantara, a red light district where you can find the Malibu. Live music and DJ sets playing western music are at the ready to heat up your night.

  1. Zona Café

Zona is situated near Losari and Fort Rotterdam. It is also one of the most happening night scenes in Makassar.

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